Speculation Surfaces Nintendo 64 Virtual Library For Nintendo Switch Online, FCC Filing Furthers Possibility

Posted on September 16, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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Although Nintendo is responsible for shaping the video game industry since the fallout of the market since the Nintendo Entertainment System in the late 1980s, the Japanese firm has not been the most prevalent in supporting its hardware as the generations continued onward. While native backwards compatibility is not an option, the company does provide Nintendo Switch Online which delivers virtual libraries for legacy releases.

So far, fans are accustomed to both Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System virtual libraries. However, the firm has not made any additions to the number of platforms for nearly two years now. In one report from Eurogamer, it is said that the service is to welcome both Game Boy and Game Boy Color in a later announcement this month.

Coming from known leaker NateDrake on his latest discussion on YouTube, he elaborates further on his initial statement from the episode prior. In that, he expands on his comments for the service to welcome Game Boy titles which Eurogamer corroborated in a following report. Now, he adds that the service is to welcome Nintendo 64 as well.

In our last episode, we discussed how Nintendo Switch Online will be expanding with brand new platforms which will include the Game Boy and Game Boy Color, but unfortunately not the Game Boy Advanced. And immediately after our video was published, several outlets came out to corroborate the information we discussed and Eurogamer went on step further having noted that additional platforms will also be added to Nintendo Switch Online in the future.

And today I would like to add to that, yes – that information is accurate and one of the platforms that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch Online in the future is the revolutionary Nintendo 64. Now, this is a platform that we touched on briefly in the previous episode and how they’re going to bring it to Nintendo Switch Online is certainly a matter of discussion.

The YouTube video goes on to elaborate further in the alleged plans which involve Nintendo increasing the price tag for the Nintendo Switch Online service that includes more platforms for its virtual libraries. “The topic in relation to Nintendo 64 is more so not about whether or not Nintendo it can be brought, we they can do N64 games […] it’s more about the financial reality of bringing N64 to Nintendo Switch Online and how Nintendo could do this.

He continues by injecting, “What I’m going to propose, is that when Nintendo 64 does come with the introduction to Nintendo Switch Online it is going to come with a higher-priced tier – a premium version of Nintendo Switch Online, if you will.” NateDrake goes on to speculate that perhaps this approach will bring the service closer to $30 or potentially $35 if implemented.

Elsewhere, Vooks reports that Nintendo has filed a new ‘Radio Test Report’ with the FCC for a new product codenamed HAC-043. In contrast to the previous HAC-042, it was the prior Super Nintendo Entertainment System wireless controller for Nintendo Switch. With the timing of the discovery, it is suggested to be a similar aim for the Nintendo 64 this time around.

What are your thoughts on the Nintendo 64 coming to Nintendo Switch Online?

Source: Vooks

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