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Spider-Man: Far From Home VR Might Hit Other Platforms, According To Sony

For those who might have not noticed, the recent film starring Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Far From Home was paired with a titular title for PlayStation VR that launched just last month for Sony’s platform. The game follow suit the iconic web slinger as you swing around and fight enemies entirely in the view point as Spider-Man.

Though the title does not follow as the film that it shares the name with, the game still takes place in Manhattan while in control of the Webhead. Ultimately, the game answers a lot of fans’ requests to be in the shoes of the Marvel hero and for the most part seems to be a title people will enjoy in virtual reality.

Recently though, it seems that Sony is looking to break the exclusive barrier surrounding the game as Sony Pictures Virtual Reality is interested in bringing the game to the Valve Index and Oculus Quest. In an interview between UploadVR and SPVR Vice President Jake Zim, he shares that the publisher is definitely “looking at” other possibilities for the game to be playable other than on PSVR.

“We have had a large and very positive consumer response to the launch including a lot of requests for a Quest build. We’re considering all our options and are working with our developers and the platforms to figure out the best way to manage the demand.”

Leaving more possibilities for players as the latest Quest headset from Oculus will allow fans to swing tether-free as you are not restrained by a wire to play the title. As the oculus Rift is already supported with the app for the game, it would seem realistic that the Quest’s respected store receives the app as well.

In related news to the current film, Insomniac Games added two suits to Marvel’s Spider-Man that are from the film into the 2018 title for free.

Spider-Man: Far From Home VR is out now for PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift.

Source: Upload VR

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