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Splatoon 2 Pearl & Marina amiibo launching next week, unlock new outfits and more

Posted on July 8, 2018 by Rectify Gaming

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Nintendo has announced that the Splatoon 2 Pearl & Marina amiibo dual pack that was announced a few months back will finally be hitting stores on July 13th. Each amiibo will unlock an outfit matching the respective character for use with your Inkling or Octoling (if you purchased the Octo Expansion). Not only that, they will also allow you to take photos with Pearl & Marina in Inkopolis Square as well as unlock new themes and sound effects for the Squid Beatz rhythm minigame.
Also announced was that the next Splatfest will take place on July 21st and will pit Inklings against Octolings. Even if you don’t own the Octo Expansion, you will play as an Octoling for the duration of the event if you choose Team Octopus.

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