Splitgate Developer Lead Shares Halo Infinite Release Boosted Concurrent Player Count

Posted on January 28, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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Before there was Halo Infinite and the continued anticipation that follows the game into post-launch, there was Splitgate: Arena Warfare. From developer 1047 Games, the team pursued an answer to the vacancy for an arena shooter that 343 Industries left for nearly a decade. Originally launching for PC, the game grew in player perspective when arriving to console last year in summer 2021. 

Looking ahead, the firm stated its already ahead of Halo Infinite with the team’s post launch plans Splitgate: Arena Warfare already being one step ahead: a map creator. It was not until this week with the release of Beta Season 1 that Splitgate: Arena Warfare officially welcomed the new feature which is still evidently absent in Halo Infinite.

However, Halo Infinite was revealed to be a helping hand for 1047 Games this past holiday. When speaking to The Loadout, CEO Ian Proulx explained that the answer for an Halo Infinite-like experience on other hardware is Splitgate: Arena Warfare as both games draw attention away from the battle royale genre.

I’m actually glad [Halo Infinite] is out. I honestly think that, in the long run, Halo Infinite and Splitgate will help each other. I think that there’s just so much noise and so many battle royales right now, and [these two games] are bringing people over to the arena shooter genre. You know, there’s a lot of kids who have never played Halo, right? There’s a lot of kids who have never played Quake or Unreal Tournament. They’ve never played this kind of game. And getting them exposure to that I think is just a good thing for the genre as a whole.

When speaking on the matters of the impact from Halo Infinite on PlayStation specifically, player activity swelled since the original Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta that shipped back in mid-November. 1047 Games goes on to elaborate its intent to differentiate itself from the Xbox property and create a unique appeal for further down the line.

“One of the things we really want to do is establish our own art style. I think that Splitgate’s art style is very much ‘Halo meets Portal’, and the brand is very much that too. I think for a small indie game with no marketing budget, that was incredibly effective – it was just a very succinct way to get people interested. But that’s not what we want to be. We want to establish something where you look at it, and you know it’s Splitgate and not just a pretty well-executed Halo-style game.”

Were you logging into Splitgate when Halo Infinite released?

Splitgate: Arena Warfare is out now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Source: The Loadout

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