Square Enix canceled all digital pre-orders for Hitman on Playstation 4

Posted on January 13, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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If you pre-ordered digital copies of Hitman on Playstation 4 do not panic. The game will still come out March 11th. They are adjusting some issues and will update within a few days. The Hitman Beta will release on February 12th for PS4 and then February 19th for PC.

The message reads:

“Thank you for pre-ordering Hitman. The publisher has notified us that the configuration of the product you pre-ordered has changed significantly. As a result we have withdrawn the current pre-order from PlayStation Store and will cancel all pre-orders. You will receive email confirmation when your pre-order has been cancelled. A revised pre-order of Hitman will be available on the store soon.”

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