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Square Enix’s First Development Division Reveals New IP For Next Generation Consoles

According to a recent update to the First Development Division under publisher Square Enix, this discovery discloses that the company is working on a new intellectual property for the next generation of console. More specifically an action game aimed for ‘high definition consoles’, this new project has spawned a new meaning for fans to be excited from the Japanese publisher.

Most notably, the First Development Division is primarily know for the team’s work on Final Fantasy XIII, SaGa: Scarlett Grace, and most recently with Kingdom Hearts III. The description for the unannounced title reads to be:

Aiming to realize a ‘next-generation action game experience’ that goes beyond the framework of existing action games, with an international team of creators from all over the world.

Aside from the reputable, in-house projects from the First Development Division, the team is comprised largely of well-skilled developers familiar with consoles as well as smart phones. However, this is where the trail ends as no further detail has surfaced from the recent finding. Looking at where the company schedules to release the game for the upcoming line of hardware, news on what exactly this project will be is left for time to tell down the line.

Now that we’re talking about the topic, it looks that other teams are looking to really cash in big later in the next generation with their IPs. Some teams even holding off on annual release to reinvigorate their series as we have witnessed earlier last month with EA Tiburon’s NBA Live 20. This only leaves for higher expectation from these AAA studios and publishers ans our shiny new consoles are still being worked on as we speak.

What do you think this new IP might spawn for Square Enix?

Source: Gematsu

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