Stadia Pro For February 2021 Welcomes Journey To The Savage Planet And More

Posted on January 27, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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For those who are well-accustomed to writing 2021 when jotting down the date already, you should be familiar that a full month has already gone by. And with another to come, that being February, that also insists there will be a new bundle of free games for Stadia Pro subscribers as well to indulge in entering a new month ahead.

As for last month, Google welcomed aboard six new games: Ary and the Secret of Seasons, F1 2020, Figment, Hotline Miami, Cthulhu Saves Christmas, and El Hijo – A Wild West Tale. Now, February 2021 enters in three new titles that players on Google’s platform can enjoy if they already pay for the monthly service.

You can read the full list of free Stadia Plus titles for February 2021 below:

Enter the Gungeon
Journey to the Savage Planet: Employee of the Month Edition
Lara Craft and the Guardian of Light

But, of course, there is also a handful of titles that will be departing from the service’s free games roster as well. Those games are : Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek, Hitman 2, Into the Breach, Panzer Dragoon Remake, Sniper Elite 4, and The Gardens Between. The listed titles are available to claim until January 31st.

Which games are you most eager to pick up from Stadia Pro this month?

Enter the Gungeon, Journey to the Savage Planet: Employee of the Month Edition, Lara Craft and the Guardian of Light arrive to Stadia Pro on February 1, 2021.

Source: Google

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