Standalone Title Superhot: Mind Control Delete Finally Arrives Next Thursday

Posted on July 10, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Back in late 2017, developer Superhot Team announced that a new project is underway for the prolific first-person, time-bending experience Superhot. Dubbed ‘Mind Control Delete’, this new entry would expand on the core gameplay that the series rightly received high praise for and include new additions that could not be found in the base game. At the time of its reveal, the project was posed more of an add-on, but in a new announcement – Superhot: Mind Control Delete will be a standalone entry.

According to the developer in a blog post this week, Superhot: Mind Control Delete will be arriving to supported platforms – excluding Nintendo Switch – this coming Thursday, July 16. You can watch the launch trailer in the video below:

After a year of being in Early Access, the project will fully arrive to consoles in the coming week. And to re-up on their initial offer- Superhot Team is still offering Mind Control Delete for free. Simply, if you own the base game, owners can install the standalone title at no additional cost. The promotion will be available for users who purchase the game ahead of the release for Superhot: Mind Control Delete.

Since the release of Superhot back in 2016, players have also acquired their interest in the title with its VR release later in 2017. However, Mind Control Delete currently has no plans for virtual reality the team explains. “Preparing a game to work in this environment well requires re-making it from scratch. It’s not only a different platform, it’s a whole different world with its own design and hardware challenges.”

While we wait for the standalone Mind Control Delete to officially release next week, make sure you read Rectify Gaming’s full review for the first game by heading here.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete will release on July 16, 2020 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Superhot Team

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