Star Wars Battlefront opts for match making over server browsers……uh what?

Posted on September 2, 2015 by Michael Boccher

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There has been a lot of excitement about Star Wars Battlefront since its announcement and rightfully so. New game mode reveals and character announcements continue to leave players foaming at the mouth with anticipation. That changed yesterday in a post over on the Battlefront Reddit by the game’s Community Manager as it all came to a screeching halt.

The post revealed that Battlefront would not use the server browser feature at all in either PC or consoles, instead opting for a skill based match making system. Yeah, because those always work out so well. Sigh. Server browser is a great PC feature as you can boot the game up and perform other things while it’s in the background. It also allows the more skilled players to remain with the highest competition as skill based match making has shown it doesn’t work very well. Players of high skill have learned to bypass the system by intentionally dying to lower their K/D in order to get placed into games with less skilled players. It’s just one of many complaints that people have with this decision.

If there is no server browser feature, there will also most likely not be any dedicated servers either. With a game sure to be as popular as Battlefront, that is not a very wise decision. Maybe DICE and EA have solved the skill based match making issue and come up with some brand new feature that will prevent these issues. I wouldn’t bet on it, however. With all the anticipation for Battlefront upcoming later this year, this is probably the worst news we could have received short of a full out delay.

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