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Stardew Valley becomes the number one selling game on the Nintendo eShop in less than 24 hours

It has only been an entire day or not even, but it looks like many Nintendo Switch owners have been ‘patiently’ waiting for Stardaw Valley on the hybrid console. Today, we learned that the hot indie title reached number 1 across the world and left many of the other releases in the dust. Something else to keep in mind that this title also is beating FIFA 18 by a large margin right now which was big to get on the Nintendo Switch
Check out below:
#1 in NA, UK, DE, NZ, AUS, Mexico, South Africa, etc
#3 in France because no localization (still climbing though).
Not released in Japan yet despite the language being supported
Even popular games like Minecraft and Sonic Mania needed a few days or had more trouble in some territories.
The Top 5 Best Sellers on the Nintendo eShop right now are:
#1 Stardew Valley
#2 Golf Story
#3 Pokken Tournament DX
#4 SteamWorld Dig 2
#5 Arcade Archives Mario Bros.
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