Steam Concurrent Player Count Surpasses Its Previous Record This Past Weekend, Now Sitting Over 26.4 Million

Posted on February 12, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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Coming at no surprise, the Steam player population continues to grow exponentially as many individuals continue to sign-up for the platform on the daily. The first sign of a spike in the number of live users on the PC launcher was first witnessed predating all the way back to March this past year in 2020. Part of that, it was reported that Steam user metrics recorded about 22 million users logging on.

Of course, the number is believed to be swinging in from the enforcement of social distancing protocols encouraging millions of families and workers to remain home as the spread of the novel coronavirus starts to dwindle. But now roughly a year later, that number is still climbing. As of a new report on Steam Database, it is revealed that the number is now tallied at 26,401,443 users this past Sunday, February 7.

In a report from PC Gamer at the start of January this year, Steam concurrent users already made a new record with then’s reporting sitting at 25.4 million. But now that number is one million more strong. In average, the number of active users looks to sit at about 24 million roughly which is short of the new record placed.

But while not meeting the same height as this past weekend, the recorded average still peaks higher than other platforms. Additionally, it was revealed that player metrics for Steam overtakes its console counterparts. In that, the Steam concurrent player count still surpasses both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network recordings as of January 2021.

Looking at some of the most influential releases that hit this year also proven to be a strong hitter despite a spiraling out revelation. While finding plenty of controversy, Cyberpunk 2077 stands to be one of the most played releases and purchased games in the three weeks it was available in 2020. You can read the full report by heading here.

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Source: Steam Database

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