Steam Version For Thatgamecompany’s Journey Arrives This June

Posted on April 14, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Becoming a more apparent trend with independent developer thatgamecompany, the studio has continued to transition its work to other platforms aside from the initial PlayStation platform they released on. First, the team’s most notable game Journey just last year debuted on PC via the Epic Games Store which already blew fans out of the water that the day finally arrived.

Not too long after the announcement, word then broke out from the game’s publisher Annapurna Interactive that the 2012 story-driven adventure title would also be arriving to Apple iOS as well in an abrupt reveal.

Now just this week, Annapurna Interactive returns to announce that players on Steam can expect to pick up the game this coming June.

While not on the topic of Journey specific, thatgamecompany has also shifted other work to the Nintendo eShop as of recent. During the latest Indie World live presentation that was broadcasted last month, the developer revealed that Sky would be arriving to Nintendo Switch in the coming summer. The title is still expected to release on other platforms which include mobile alongside PlayStation 4 in the coming future as well.

As for Journey, the last stop assumed for the game to officially halt on ports is for Nintendo Switch. As already shared that the more recent released Sky is already slated to arrive in a few months, a Switch version would be suiting for thatgamecompany’s most reputable release.

Have you managed to play Journey on any of the supported platforms yet?

Journey arrives to Steam on June 11, 2020; out now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Epic Games Store, and iOS.

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