My name is Kingsman and I'm a big fan of gaming. If you share my love and intensity for games, then you're in the right place. I am very self-critical and am always looking for ways I can improve not only my game play, but life in general. I have the most supportive and loving wife in the world and I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for her. I am currently part-time so check the schedule and stop by when you can!


Hey, my name is Melly. I usually go by 'Rebel'. I'm 23 years old and from Las Vegas. I stream mainly PUBG and occasional other FPS. My love for gaming started when I was very little competing against my older brother. In 2011 I started competing in tournaments and playing on game battles for COD. I was in the top 400 for Search N Destory on MW3. I eventually got my first PC in 2014, which then started my love for battle royales like Arma 3 BR. In 2017 I started streaming to create a loving, positive, and fun place for people to escape reality for just for a couple of hours and have some laughs 🙂


Hey friends! Call me Starr. I've been playing video games since I was a young kid (Duck Hunt with my dad on the OG Nintendo) From there, I've found a love for all kinds of games, different platforms, styles, etc. I decided to put that love of video games and my love of making people smile into one awesome platform: Twitch. I've been streaming since Dec 2017, and was affiliated less than a month later on 1/1/18. I'm so excited to join Rectify and share my love for games and laughter with everyone!

Hoss Sauced

Hey I'm Kollin (aka Hoss)! I am a part time streamer from the Pacific Northwest! I have been gaming since I was 5 years old have have been an avid shooter player since Halo: Combat Evolved! I now play a variety of games with a heavy focus on PUBG and other Battle Royale games!


My name is Grant Tucker from the gorgeous state of Iowa. I am a father, husband, and dang good looking member of society. I enjoy playing sports, listening to my vinyl collection, and clicking heads online. I operate with a sense of gusto and I hope that my community takes my advice and owns the day. I believe that if I can help someone with advice, guidance, or just a good time, then my role as a stream will be fulfilled. Lucky to be in a position to entertain.



Erica America

I live on the west coast of the USA. I am a mom to 4 babies, a wife, and a part-time nurse.  I have played video games since I was a toddler. In fact, I am a 2nd generation gamer, my mom got me into video games. My favorite game of all time is and will always be Ocarina of Time. Something that makes me unique is that I play with an inverted mouse on PC. I am pretty much a PC gaming Unicorn.I currently play a lot of PUBG, but I love a variety of games and we do a lot of community games on my stream.

OG Pickle

I make clothing brands for some famous YouTubers and Streamers, and I like to stay up way too late playing video games. If you enjoy this stream, please feel free to Subscribe!


Hey, my name is Bragger, I have been a console gamer for 8+ years and made the switch to pc gaming in September 2017 which was when I started my streaming career which I started out doing full-time due to leaving my job due to mental health issues. I started streaming to raise awareness of mental health and try and make a small difference everyday so I am very open about it.
My main games I stream are FPS style games Including: PUBG, Rainbow 6 Siege, Overwatch and CS:GO and EFT. I thoroughly enjoy the competitive aspect of shooters and I am always looking to improve my ability in the games I play whilst having fun and spreading those positive vibes! I Stream Monday-Friday 12pm GMT for around 8-10 hours


Colin ‘SeaDub’ was born with a controller in his hands. From Pac-Man to PUBG, Dubbers has always had a passion for gaming. He loves the heat of the fight and lives for the immersion of a good story. SeaDub loves shenanigans as much as he loves clutch plays. He can be seen chasing crates in PUBG, or spitting fire in Mad Verse City.

Viking Princess

Hello, I am Tine, aka Viking Princess!

I am born and raised in Norway, and currently I reside in Canada. I am a certified personal trainer, exercise physiologist and have a PhD in Neuroscience. I started streaming in November 2017, and n March 2019 I quit my job and decided to go full-time! I mainly stream first-person shooters (PUBG), and Mondays and Thursdays at 4 PM I make quick, easy and healthy supper on stream!


Hi, my name is Myrissa (aka Blades). I'm a full-time streamer from the Midwest. I started playing racing games on console in middle school (Need for Speed was the shit), but now I mostly play FPS & RPG on PC.


Hai! My name is Rhianimated. You can call me Rhi. I’m relatively new to PC gaming and streaming. I live in the Houston, TX area and I am a single mom to a wonderful little boy. I currently play a variety of games, with Sims and League of Legends being my favorite PC games. I love RPGs and I’ve played FF12 like 15 times. Oh and I also have an affinity for the undead.


As a kid, Lara Croft and Spyro were two of my best friends. I grew up in Azeroth where I was nourished by Blood and Thunder until I learned to speak Simlish- then came the days of building, burning and an unhealthy love for floral curtains. A misguided Twitter poll landed me on Erangel and I’ve never looked back. I’m a Gemini, ENFJ who enjoys running through red zone and dabbles in Winnie meme shots. Looking for my forever squad to spray and slay- just yell medic & I’ll come running



I’m Autumn-Mae, but everyone calls me Autumn. My cousins got me into gaming when I was about 4 years old, and I have been in love ever since. I played console for 16 years and moved to PC in July.

I tend to favor FPS games and primarily stream Rainbow Six: Siege. Sometimes I stream Overwatch, FFXIV, and Dead by Daylight for fun as well.


My name is Megan, but most know me as Vogue. My love of video games began as a kid wrestling over controllers with my sisters. The center of my love for gaming lies with the Halo franchise and the purchase of my original Xbox. I have been attending tournaments and gaming conventions since 2005. Twitch has allowed me to stay in connection with my old friends and make new ones as well.


I am a 30 year old part-time streamer from the US. I am a previous semi-pro, multi-platform gamer. On my channel, you'll see PubG played on PC and Xbox One. Feel free to ask questions or voice thoughts about the game!


Hey guys what's up my name is PunkSnap, I'm a 20-year-old I love to game, listen to music and skateboard and some of my favorite games are Halo Reach, Minecraft, and Black Ops 3 modded zombies. I also really love VR games.




Moogie72 -Full-time Partnered Streamer on Mixer -Gamer Goo Partner -Streamloots Partner -Loots Partner -Gamer for over sixteen years -Console gamer -Community focused -Variety streamer -Shenanigan starter


American Grizz

Hi guys! I'm AmericanGrizz, a part time streamer from Pennsylvania. I've been a gamer my whole life and have been streaming since 2017. Switched to PC in 2018 and been spanking booties ever since. I enjoy long walks on the beach, giving my chihuahua belly rubs and clicking heads in game






Chill, high level game play will be found in the Rich Club. McRich here, nice to meet you. Rainbow Six is the main game but you will find me playing a bunch of other games as well.




"Elijah 'Neupro' Davis” is a Call of Duty player and streamer for Rectify Esports. His first games he ever played were games like Halo or Star Wars Battlefront. He was always a competitive person since he was a kid from playing basketball everyday to playing 1v1s on ‘Dragon Ball Z’ with his good friend “Jorge” and later was introduced into COD. For his future in COD he’d like to prove to his family that this is not a waste of time. That anything is possible if you keep chasing for ur dreams. His goal is to make Champs in these next two COD’s and if he doesn’t he will gladly retire to being a coach.


Hey, I'm Mykola, or more known as Koala/Kolala. Love all games, but very much into Halo and Destiny. I'm a small, but growing streamer, just trying to have fun killings mans with people.


Hey! It's me, BooobieTrap! I'm a bartender and mom to a giant fluffball named Kitty. I've loved playing both console and PC games for pretty much my whole life. I stream part-time playing mostly PUBG and a bit of Overwatch, but I enjoy a variety of games so you never know what I might try!


My names Nick, I’m 27 years old and my lifelong passions include mountain biking, sciency shit, gaming and cheese. But we’re here to focus on the gaming aspect of my life so let’s just jump right in. I started gaming when I was 12 years old. In 2003 I started competing in Counter-Strike and in 2006 I started making Halo centered content for YouTube and the MLG Gameroom . I was featured on the MLG Pro website for a show called “From Noob to Known” for two years starting in 2008. I left this to try focusing more on the competitive side of gaming. Through that I came to the realization that my real passion was entertaining people through gaming and gaming platforms. Since then I have dedicated most of my time to streaming on Justin.tv/Twitch.tv as Nicktacular and NickTac on Youtube. In late 2017 I was picked up by RectifyGaming as a streamer. Together we’ve played some amazing games, and made some pretty sweet content and the future looks to continue this pattern. Let’s have some good ole fashion fun!


Draenen is an esports connoisseur. Having been actively engaged in competitive gaming for years, he now observes and analyzes games and their competitions, and the esports market itself. In his spare time, he streams and plays games, and if he has any extra spare time, he may decide to do his university work.


My name is Chris, but everyone calls me Outlaw. I’m a full-time father of two with a PhD in biomedical sciences and a part-time streamer. I mostly play first person shooters on XBOX One, but I like to mix it up every now and then. Who knows if you’re lucky you may even catch me playing on PC. You can catch me streaming on the Rectify Twitch account or on my personal channel on Twitch.


Scott is a father of three who has managed to find a delicate balance between responsible parent and gaming aficionado, although his wife may disagree at times. His gaming tastes trend towards RPGs and platformers, and he's very proud of his Persona 5 Platinum trophy. If he's not working, parenting or gaming, he's probably listening to Final Fantasy vinyls or watching hockey.


I'm a long time console player (xbox) but also played a lot of PC games starting back with StarCraft, Diablo, and Delta Force. Lately I've been mostly playing PUGB. I follow most sports (mostly college football and Oklahoma Sooner Athletics) but am open to discussions about all sports. I try to stay up to date on PC components/tech and anything related to gaming! I stream Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday. 9pm-11:30pm EST or later, along with weekends!


Chris ‘VeNgNc3-‘ Kinghan has forever been reveled in the thrill and enjoyment of gaming. Starting at age 4 he has mostly leaned to the side of PlayStation having an original PS1 all the way up to the current PS4 pro. Currently he is a streamer for Rectify Gaming as well as the Call of Duty eSports manager for Rectify Esports. He loves the competitive scene and hopes to get more involved in the near future and hopes to guide a team to main stage or even a finals or COD champs.

Echo Fade

My name is Echo Fade.  Furry Speedrunner.  You'll most often see me Speedrun, CSGO, Rocket League and Other Gamecube Games




I'm the founder of NTF, and a variety streamer. I am currently a reviews and content writer for Rectify Gaming. I cover everything from major blockbuster Triple-A games to small unknown indie games. Fighting Games and Shooters are my favorite genre followed closely by JRPG's and RTS games. My favorite game of all time is Xenogears (PS1)


My name is Cameron Rogers and I have been playing video games since Halo 3 and Cod 4. I fell in love and it was a way for me to spend my free time and bond with my friends. When I got older I began to start playing more seriously and wanted to be competitive. I love to stream when I can and I always bring positive vibes and good energy whenever i’m playing.







Hey there, my name is Riley, I’m 22 years old and I’m a part time streamer from Vancouver island, BC. I mainly play Brawlhalla as I am a competitive player. Outside of gaming, I am a full time gymnastics, parkour and trampoline coach.



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