String Of Rumors For Halo Includes Potential Halo Infinite Details, Spin-off Entries, And Battle Royale

Posted on November 28, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Xbox Series X – the console finally arrived, but without Halo Infinite as promised initially. Developer 343 Industries less than a month following the first gameplay demo for the next anticipated installment announced that the game would face a much needed push for its release from this holiday into the following year.

With everything expected to be disclosed in 2021 as to what Halo fans can anticipate, that might not be the case. Just recently, 343 Industries commented that there will be a “high-level” update that will take place in the “coming weeks”, but not at The Game Awards. It is collected that despite it being absent from the annual show, the update will be broadcasted around the same time.

Now, it looks some of those details might have leaked ahead of the announcement. According to a string of tweets from @GameLeaksRumors, it relays some potential information on the status of Halo Infinite, possible pin-offs releases planned, and the state at the game’s Redmond studio. Among the plenty, it is disclosed the game will be orchestrated as promised: a decade of content is to be injected across the decade following Halo Infinite’s release.

Elaborating further, 343 Industries is to continue evolving the Slipspace Engine used for Halo Infinite as the 2020 decade progresses. Fan-favorite mode Invasion is set to return with a 45v45 structure pinning Spartans against Banished. The leak also tips that Halo Infinite is to release between March and June; previously reported to be Q1 which Xbox division lead Phil Spencer did not object to in a interview previously.

To reiterate on Halo Infinite once more, a battle royale mode is said to be in the works. But the decision comes from Microsoft rather than instructed from leading positions at 343 Industries. If so, then that would also corroborate with a previous finding for a listing for Halo Infinite in Japan earlier in the summer.

Looking ahead, Halo Infinite is told to be a catalyst for two more games: Halo Wars 3 and a spin-off/standalone entry. For the alleged RTS sequel, the leak suggests the game will follow antagonist Atriox as he departs from the Ark and follows his journey to where he gets involved with the plot for Halo Infinite. As for the second entry, it is told to be a storyline for Team Osiris as the fireteam shares its experience during Halo Infinite’s progression.

Noted, the leak does not mention Halo Infinite shipping in pieces as previous reports has suggested which Phil Spencer verified to potentially be in development – so that is a good sign. The only additions to the title will be Chapters which will further evolve the overall experience as part of the decade-long, post-launch campaign for Halo Infinite.

In total, there is a lot to gather from the string of rumors. But most importantly, nothing has yet been confirmed by either Microsoft or 343 Industries. So keep your ambitions tame for the time being. As for one thing, the release date will not exceed its wait into 2022. But from what many collected from Joseph Staten’s entry to the game’s development, fans are convinced a potential holiday release if primal restructuring and work ethic is organized to ship the game. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you convinced from any of the information provided?

Halo Infinite is scheduled to release sometime in 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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