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Stumble Guys developer wants to put the game on Nintendo Switch in the future

Posted on January 22, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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Stumble Guys from Scopely is aiming for a release on Xbox on January 23 after it has been available for free on PC via Steam, Web, and on iOS and Android. Stumble Guys is full of obstacle courses where 32 players race against each other online. 

Recently, Rectify Gaming talked to the developers of Stumble Guys where we asked questions about the other platforms we could see it come to. 

From what we heard constantly from Scopely, they “want to be everywhere possible” meaning PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Stumble Guys will see a release on PlayStation later this year while a version for Nintendo Switch is currently not planned. 

If we were to compare a game to Stumble Guys it has to be Fall Guys which has similar game modes, but a little different gameplay and character models.

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