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Sumo Digital Announces Pass The Punch For Release Later This Year

English developer Sumo Digital just finishing up on Team Sonic Racing at the start of the Summer is already sharing what the next title the studio has next with the announcement of Pass the Punch. In the reveal, the studio explains that the new title is a brawler that is based on the concept of Saturday morning cartoons with wacky characters, vibrant colors, and a zany soundtrack.

In the city of New Atlus, you follow the story of Rush and her feud between King Crab and Red Velvet. Choosing between the protagonist, Beetle, Claud, or Wizard to play, you alone or with a friend can fight off the armies of minions under the two arch enemies. Players can learn moves and combos of each respected character to work towards the Ultimate Attack that can be used against your foes when you and your partner combine their skills to finish off your opponents.

Creator David Dino in anticipation for his upcoming title shares his input for how the game came to be and teases more detail to be shared in the coming future:

Pass The Punch started off as my submission to a Sumo game jam. It calls back to some of my favourite beat ‘em ups, fighting games and animated series. I’m thrilled that Sumo decided to make it into a full game!

The developer previously announced to be partnering with publisher 2K and recently acquired Red Kite Games on an unannounced project: unfortunately, this does not look to be what the unnamed title as Sumo Digital clarifies Pass the Punch to be a new IP under their own set of development teams. “We have an enormous amount of creative talent in each of our seven studios and encourage every member of staff to take part in our game jams. David’s submission stood out for its ‘easy to learn, hard to master’ gameplay and follows in the footsteps of Snake Pass as a game jam concept that became a published product. It’s exciting and rewarding to see our teams’ imaginations deliver unique IP like this,” Sumo Digital Managing Director shares.

Pass the Punch is scheduled to release in late-2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Source: Sumo Digital

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