Super Dungeon Tactics Review

Posted on January 4, 2017 by Michael Wright

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Game- Super Dungeon Tactics

Release Date- December 14, 2016

Platform- PC

Developer/Publisher- Underbite Games

Price- $19.99



Super Dungeon Tactics is a strategic turn-based game where you “create” your own guild and embark on quests all around Crystalia. I use create lightly because you do not choose what characters you pick up. You get more characters as the story progresses. However, you can edit their stats and items. As the guild master, you choose what bounties you’d like to take along with what characters you’d like to send on the quest. During your quest you fight the Dark Consul’s forces. Each character has a different look and personality which matches the rest of the game. The atmosphere is pleasing to the player without being in the way and is quite playable by all ages. Those that have played RPG styled games before can appreciate the look of the game.



The gameplay was at first extremely fun, but slowly became very repetitive and boring. As a FPS player, I often found myself bored out of my mind. Some turns took forever I did enjoy the RNG. However, It kept gameplay different and unique at times. Each round dice rolls help apply stat boosts and debuffs to your characters allowing strategical changes to fit the current round.


  All of your actions are done with the spacebar and mouse. It provides an accessibility that doesn’t require rebinding of keys like many other games. The left mouse button is used to attack or move your character. The middle mouse button zooms in and allows movement around the level. The right mouse button pans the camera left and right. Spacebar is hit to change between actions like attacking, moving, or ending a turn. It’s also important to note, there is no order to the attack and movement options.



Sadly, This game as of now (Patch 1.1.1) does not have any steam achievements.


  • Simple and easy to play

  • Very stable game

  • Variety of characters


  • Combat was very repetitive after a while

  • Occasionally poorly placed camera angles

  • No autosave

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