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Super Nintendo World Leaked Map Shows Rides Including Zelda Kingdom and Pokemon Training Academy

Posted on June 17, 2017 by Rectify Gaming

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This may be the best news you get all weekend everybody. A local news station has uncovered a map which appears to show the layout of the upcoming Super Nintendo World to be located at Universal Studios Florida.
The park will apparently featured multiple zones such as Zelda Kingdom, Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Island. A number of rides can be seen in each one, and there are lots of excellent surprises. For one, the Zelda Kingdom will have a giant Deku tree. The map can be seen below, but each of the kingdoms show the following rides
Zelda Kingdom

  • Deku Tree
  • Hyrule Castle + attraction
  • Forest Village (name hard to read)
  • Interactive experience (name hard to read)

Super Mario World

  • Mario Kart ride
  • Luigi’s Mansion interactive target play ride
  • Bowser’s Airship ride

Donkey Kong Island

  • Monkey Mine’s Madness coaster
  • Kong Jungle playground
  • Kirby’s Kid’s Playland
  • Wet zone water play area
  • Kirby’s round ride

Mushroom Kingdom

  • Bullet Bill’s flying ride
  • Pokemon Training Academy
  • Koopa Troopa Spring Shells
  • Princess Peach’s Castle

A number of other various retail stores and restaurants are listed, and you can see some classic Nintendo add-ons located in the map. For one, some entrance and exits into stores are the classic Super Mario green pipes.
Meet and greet areas are also located at various spots throughout the park, of course. The Mario Kart ride is going to use the newest technology according to Nintendo’s Miyamoto, and it is rumored to use augmented reality glasses which would let us see Nintendo characters on the track with us as we race.
There are surely more that are not named on the map, as you can tell as well. The Pokemon Training Academy will most likely be similar to the Jedi Training Academy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and will surely draw a huge amount of people.
Super Nintendo World will open sometime in 2020 at Universal Studios Florida, and we’ll have more info as it becomes available.
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