Superfuse Launches Into Early Access On Steam

Posted on January 31, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Superfuse, an all-action Superhero RPG, has released today on Steam Early Access priced at $24.99/€24.99/£20.99. In December it was announced that the games multiplayer beta launched and now it has entered its new stage.

Superfuse is a comic-book infused Action RPG set on the mining asteroid Eros, a far flung outpost in the galaxy after the Earth has been abandoned by mankind, where you take on the role of an Enforcer – humanity’s super-powered protectors. Play as one of three classes – the Berserker, Elementalist, or the Technomancer – in either the single-player campaign or in co-op mode for up to four players, as you attempt to hold back a tide of terrifying, mysterious creatures dubbed “The Corruption”.

Featuring a unique set of skills and talent trees, Superfusehas an in-depth hyper-tailored skill system – known as Fuses – enabling players to create and refine their character’s skillsets to a high level of individuality. Every character will play differently in Superfuse.

Superfuse from Stitch Heads Entertainment is now available on Steam.

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