Superhot: Mind Control Delete Welcomes Next-Gen Enhancements For Xbox Series X & Series S

Posted on February 26, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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More than a half a year ago, developer Superhot Team finally welcomed the release date for Superhot: Mind Control Delete. The project for more than three years sat in the back of the minds of many while the game studio silently chiseled at the title in that time period. Amid the production for the game, Superhot also welcomed a titular virtual reality port as well.

Arriving to all most platforms, excluding Switch & VR, owners of the original Superhot can expect to find the new standalone as a free game on the respected platform storefront. However, that is presumably where the story is expected to end, correct? Well, Superhot Team looks to be striving for the generational leap, at least on Xbox that is.

In a new tweet posted on Friday, Superhot Team issues a new update for Superhot: Mind Control Delete for both Xbox Series & Xbox Series S.

And for other curious fans, mainly PlayStation 5 owners, it is left uncertain as to where the update for PlayStation 5 is. But this certainly not a first for missing updates on Sony’s latest console. In that, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare welcomed a comparable next-generation enhancement for Xbox Series X, but was missing on PlayStation 5 as well at the time of writing.

While the question was left lingering, it was later answered in an interview with Psyonix which dealt that PlayStation 5 versions require more resources to produce. Rather than simply developing for like on Xbox, the Rocket League developer best worded it as a complete port which obviously is a larger task at hand for any team.

This week, Xbox Game Pass for PC welcomed Superhot: Mind Control Delete. You can read the newest lineup for the monthly video game service in the full report by heading here.

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Superhot: Mind Control Delete is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox Series XS; supported via backwards compatibility on PlayStation 5.

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