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Switch Version Of Bioshock: The Complete Collection Emerges In Taiwan

Although we can safely say that there is a new Bioshock installment in active development thanks to a reveal from publisher 2K who clarifies that a new studio will be working solely on the unnamed title, we are still left empty handed with new content for the fan-favorite series for the time being. However, Nintendo Switch owners look to be in for a treat.

According to a new discovery made by LootPots, the game has surfaced for Nintendo Switch according to a listing found on a Ratings Board in Taiwan. Well actually, the remastered trilogy that released back in 206 which offers Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and Bioshock Infinite.

You can view the listing in the image below:

Credit: LootPots

What is unusual from the listing in contrast to the version available on already supported platforms is that each game is listed separate atop of the Complete Collection. Which leaves the implication that users can choose to purchase each game individually if desired to do so or the entire package via the Nintendo eShop.

While we now have tangible detail on the game’s presence, it is still leaves the question unanswered if the Switch version will take advantage of exclusive features only unique to Nintendo’s console. It would be interesting to see motion controls implemented as we saw with Skyrim: Definitive Edition previously.

Of course, we are still left looking aimlessly for when the game will be arriving or even announced, however, it is suspected that the team behind the Switch port will disclose the information at a later date or even be revealed at a future Nintendo Direct.

What Bioshock game are you most excited to play on Nintendo Switch?

Bioshock: The Complete Collection is currently available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: LootPots

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