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Taco Bell Exclusive Xbox One X Revealed

A line of Limited Edition consoles have been appearing more with the start of the Fall season now here. As some of the most anticipated titles are close to release, those who might not be equipped to play them can buy the game bundled with a preferred console. But unlike getting these specialized consoles from retailers like GameStop or Best Buy, this is from Taco Bell.

The fast food chain has revealed that those who purchase the debuting $5 Double Chalupa Box before November 22 will be entered to win a platinum Xbox One X. But what stands out though besides the sleek platinum to black gradient on the console is when you hit the power button. As you power on the console, it will play the notorious Taco Bell “Bong” from the chain’s commercials.

For what will come with the Limited Edition Xbox will include the exclusive console, a White Special Edition Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, three months of Xbox Game Pass & Xbox Live Gold. Though there’s no signs of any bundled games with the console, the Game Pass will give the lucky winner a list of titles available through the subscription-based service. Which includes console exclusive titles like the recent Forza Horizon 4 and Sea of Thieves.

Around the same time last year Taco bell did a similar giveaway closing in on the launch of the Xbox One X.

For those interested in possibly scooping up this taco Bell exclusive console, make your way to any of the chain’s locations and enter to win. Each purchase of the $5 box is counted as one.

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