Take-Two Interactive Reportedly Charging Cents For Next-Gen Upgrades For Physical Copies In Certain Regions

Posted on November 23, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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With the two major next-generation consoles welcomed onto the market this month, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, avid players are also to be introduced to higher priced games as well. For the most part, majority of games are still at the standard $60 pricing of generations prior. But there are a selection of games that are being ushered to the newest hardware under an additional $10 fee.

That being dished from firms like Take-Two Interactive which introduced the price increase prior to November, other firms also followed suit. Now, Take-Two Interactive has done another ‘first’, this time introducing a pay wall to upgrade certain games for next-generation consoles. On ResetEra, poster Marzoo shared an image showing them being charged to play Borderlands 3 on PlayStation 5.

In the photo, it is illustrated that the game requires a payment of .28€ or .33¢ when playing from a tangible disc. However, the discovery comes as odd after developer Gearbox Software announced owners of the game on newer systems will find the game available for free.

Upon dissecting the situation more and reading through the thread, it looks the issue is bounded to certain regions. For one, it is not homogenous, but only unique to Germany and Japan according to one user. So users in North America and most of Europe might not find this obstacles when trying to play games.

Additionally, it is undetermined what other games might also be affected by this. While the scenario is exclusive to Borderlands 3, this might also apply to other games as well that is casted under Take-Two Interactive. Releases like NBA 2K21 for instance or even GTA Online when it arrives sometime in the coming year. Some posters discuss this to potentially be sourced due to legal hurdles in the respected market, but Take-Two Interactive has yet to comment on confirming the claim as of yet.

Have you faced this issue on either Xbox or PlayStation?

Source: ResetEra

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