Take-Two Interactive Says New Bioshock To Be In Development For “Next Several Years”

Posted on February 14, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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For the majority of this current console generation, fans of Irrational Games’ Bioshock series have patiently anticipated for the chances of seeing a true next generation installment with the debut of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, those waiting were only greeted with a revamp trilogy that upped the graphical boundaries and performance optimization for the newer hardware.

And while that is nothing to really complain about, it is not exactly what many were hoping to receive with talks of 4K resolution output and 60 frames per second these past few years. It wasn’t until 2019 last year that we finally learned that parent company Take-Two Interactive and publisher 2K opened a studio to conjure the next entry for the series, Cloud Chamber.

Upon discovering the game’s existence, there were no further details regarding plot, setting, or listed platforms the title will be ready for. But fast-forwarding to this month, Take-Two Interactive disclosed that fans will have to be patient for quite a bit longer before the game’s full release. According the latest earnings call for the firm, the company tells that the title is not expected to release for at least a handful of years.

2K announced that Cloud Chamber has started to work on the next iteration of the globally acclaimed BioShock franchise, which will be in development for the next several years.

Provided from the statement regarding 2K’s projections for the upcoming project, it is ensured that players on the current Xbox One and PlayStation 4 should not have high hopes seeing the game arrive on those consoles. Even more, the statement also reaffirms the title’s premature age as development is still in early phases as of now.

In the midst of this elongated period of time for Bioshock fans, those on Nintendo Switch will have their hands busy for the time being. According to a listing found on a Taiwanese Ratings Board previously, Bioshock: The Collection has been listed for the hybrid handheld console. You can view the full listing here.

How long have you been waiting for the next Bioshock game?

Source: Take-Two Interactive

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