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Take-Two says that 3rd parties are optimistic about the Nintendo Switch

Posted on November 29, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

Listen to this Article:

We all have known over the past few years it has been hard for Nintendo to get 3rd parties on their consoles and for it to be successful. Well, that’s not the case for the Nintendo Switch as we saw so many 3rd party companies on board for the new hybrid system. One of those companies are Take-Two and the president had this to say:

“The folks at Nintendo are making a great effort to support third-party developers, we’re very optimistic on the Switch though we are not announcing anything specific today.”

It’s a great start for Nintendo even though it won’t have as much support as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 when it comes to 3rd party games, but it is a start and hopefully it will grow and put Nintendo back in the mix.

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