Target Limiting Amiibo Purchases by Resellers

Posted on May 27, 2015 by Michael Boccher

Listen to this Article:

Target has announced that in order to allow all customers access to Amiibo figures they will be utilizing their quantity limits for the figures. It’s not a new policy for target in general, but new to the games industry and Amiibo figures. Scalpers…ahem…resellers will now be limited to the amount of two Amiibo per person and will be notified of the limit at checkout. Target stated that

At Target, we put our guests first and are committed to offering a convenient shopping experience. In order to ensure we have the inventory of products to meet our guests’ needs, we recently established a new policy that reserves Target the right to prohibit purchases to resellers. It is not a new policy for Target to reserve the right to limit quantities on orders. Guests will be notified at the time of purchase if quantity limits will be applied.

This is good news for those who are collectors and have been picking up the figures which have already suffered from limited availability. The bad news is that Target has no way to actually enforce this policy. It will delay some but as a whole, most resellers will still get their fill.

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