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Team Doubles Staying, ODST Achievements Coming and More In The Latest Halo Community Update

Posted on May 22, 2015 by Tyler Nienburg

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In the Latest update Andy “Bravo” Dudynsky discusses the upcoming playlist updates, confirms that Halo 3: ODST will come with achievements, the launch of Relic and ODST are very close and that we will be getting an exact time and date that Halo 3: ODST and Relic will be launching.  The playlist team is finalizing changes to the next  update.


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One of the most famous playlists in all of Halo, Team Doubles will be making a comeback once again into Halo MCC. The playlist where 4 people match up then 2 become your foes and one becomes your friend will be making a permanent comeback which means it will not be rotational! As of course a playlist has to go and that is the current featured playlist Team Objective. Bravo states that: “Featured playlists will be put on a temporary hold as we evaluate the health and popularity of all playlists. We’ll keep you updated on findings and updates that are in the pipeline.” 

The following changes have been made to Team Doubles since the last time it was in:

  • Halo 2 Classic: SMG Slayer weighting significantly reduced
  • Halo 3: Updated map variants to the latest matchmaking versions (Pit Stop, etc)
  • Halo 3: VIP removed
  • Halo 3: All AR-start Slayer replaced with BR-start
  • Halo 3: Added Heretic Ball, King, and CTF (with low weighting)
  • Halo 3: Added BR-start Slayer for Citadel and Assembly


In Halo 2 Classic, Halo 3, Halo 4, and Halo 2: Anniversary, the following changes will be made to voting options in the next playlist update:

  • You’ll always have an objective game type option in slot 1
  • You’ll always have a Slayer BRs option in slot 2
  • You’ll always have a standard (non-BR) Slayer option in slot 3


Halo: MCC has been smooth lately which means they can add more to it. So even more ranks are going to be coming to Halo: MCC in the Halo: CE, Halo 2 Classic, Halo 3, Halo 4, Team Hardcore, and Team Doubles playlist.  ” As a reminder, at the time of this playlist update, Team Slayer will also become unranked, in order to ensure that there is a healthy variety of social experiences within matchmaking.” 

  • In SWAT, they will be updating H2A respawn time to a more appropriate 3 seconds, rather than the current setting, “way too long”
  • In Halo 2 Classic, they will  be updating BR-start objective game types to include “BR” in the naming convention, to avoid confusion during voting
  • Also, correcting Halo: CE variants across matchmaking to no longer utilize motion tracker

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Tyler ‘Tyboy’ Nienburg released Rectify Gaming back on December 17th, 2013.

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