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Team Eggman Revealed For Team Sonic Racing

Today Sega has announced that a new team will be joining the upcoming Team Sonic Racing, which now tallies up to five different teams. The newest addition is Team Eggman: which is made up of Dr. Robotnik himself, Metal Sonic, and Zarok from Sonic Lost World.

Seeing how long Sega waited to announce the franchise’s most iconic antagonist for the latest racing title, Eggman’s debut was bound to happen at some point. But what other teams could be making their way onto the game’s roster before late-Spring? Five teams isn’t a lot to expand on as this title reinvents on the nostalgia that fans experienced back with the original game.

Characters like Cream or Chaos could still get their own announcement before the game’s May release. Or even nod at the more recent title with Infinite from Sonic Forces with his own team or a squad starring Sonic Mania Plus’ Ray the Flying Squirrel or Mighty the Armadillo.

Team Sonic Racing is set to launch on May 21, 2019 for Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

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