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Team Liquid’s Salem defeats EMG’s Mistake in Shine 2018 Grand Finals, Jakal and Dark Wizzy Make First Major Top 8

Posted on August 26, 2018 by Colin Ferguson

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In a tourney rife with Bayonetta ditto matches, MVG|Team Liquid’s Salem proves to be the best Bayonetta this time.

Salem defeated #2 ranked player Tweek and EMG’s Mistake twice to secure the Shine 2018 championship. In what has been considered a down year for Salem, who was the #2 ranked player on the last Panda Global Rankings, Salem finished on top at what might be Smash 4’s last major. This is a fantastic way to end the year going into Smash Ultimate.

Looking towards the future, New Jersey’s Jakal and New York’s Dark Wizzy had huge upsets at Shine and look to be young, up and comers when Ultimate is released. Jakal had two enormous upsets on Saturday, defeating CLG’s Void and #1 ranked EchoFox’s MKLeo to make Top 8. Dark Wizzy took out Panda Global’s Cosmos, who is the best Corrin player in the world.

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