Team Ninja, Sony Interactive Entertainment Announces Rise Of The Ronin For PlayStation 5

Posted on September 14, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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Developer Team Ninja over the past years showed to be open to opportunity for both Xbox & PlayStation. Before, we saw titles like Ninja Gaiden exclusively on Xbox for the Xbox 360 at the time. That was later followed-up by Nioh which shipped on PlayStation 4. Earlier this year, the firm shared a new project, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, which will be releasing on Xbox Game Pass alongside Xbox & PlayStation.

Team Ninja also continues its multiplatform regiment with Square Enix as well. The firm earlier this March shipped Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. From our review of the game, “Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is one of the best spin-offs this historic franchise has seen, and Jack is by far the best Final Fantasy protagonist in quite a long time.” Now, a new project is underway from the Japanese developer.

At the PlayStation State of Play this week, Team Ninja and Sony Interactive Entertainment unveiled Rise of the Ronin. You can watch the reveal trailer for the game in the video below:

“Rise of the Ronin is a combat focused open-world action RPG that takes place in Japan at a time of great change. It is the very end of a 300-year long Edo Period, commonly known as ‘Bakumatsu’. Set in the late 19th century, Japan is facing the darkest of times as it struggles with its oppressive rulers and deadly diseases while western influence permeates as civil war continues to rage between the Tokugawa Shogunate and the Anti-Shogunate factions.”

Team Ninja Director and President Fumihiko Yasuda goes on to share “It was seven years ago when we first began this project. And since then, the development has progressed slowly and freely, much like the spirit of a Ronin. It is with great pleasure to finally bring this title to light, and we are filled with gratitude on being able to make this announcement with PlayStation who have supported us and this project throughout these many years.

“Here in this time of mayhem, you embody a Ronin character, a warrior bound to no master and free to make choices of its own. Rise of the Ronin is a new Team Ninja experience that will immerse you in an historically inspired world while bringing together its renowned combat action with Katanas and the likes, with new firearm weaponry that depicts the unique personality of its time period.”

Are you planning to get Rise of the Ronin?

Rise of the Ronin is listed for PlayStation 5 sometime in 2024.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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