Team Sonic Reschedules SXSW Panel For A Later Date In April

Posted on March 12, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Last week, concerns surrounding the COVID-19 ailment continuing to grow in the United States has shown to be a motive to cancel anticipating events that are scheduled throughout the course of 2020. One that affected those not only in video games, but also music and other mediums of other entertainment was the cancellation of South By Southwest (SXSW) as the organizers announced that the group was pressured by the City of Austin, Texas to hold off on the annual event.

Although the unfortunate circumstance, the organizers for SXSW is understanding and is currently looking into alternative ways for initial participants to still experience the March event through other means. The team in the update post shared to possibly pursuing an online experience for those who already paid for admission to the event.

One announcement that sprouted from the annual event being cancelled is from Team Sonic who was set to host a panel during SXSW: now the studio discloses that it will organize something else for the saved announcement next month.

Regarding potential announcements that could be showcased in the upcoming plans that Team Sonic has in mind for April, there are a few culprits to list. For starters, the next mainline installment for instance. At SXSW last year, the team shared to already be working on an unannounced project, but it wasn’t until later in June of E3 that the developer’s head Takashi Iizuka disclosed that the next major entry into the franchise will be arriving sometime in 2021.

However, we can also suspect the possibilities of the incessantly rumored Sonic Adventure Remake that has been tossed around for several months now. Especially seeing that the soundtrack for the original game was supposedly recorded back in January, Team Sonic could already be primed to rip the lid off this announcement as well.

Although there is some likeliness for one over the other, it should be taken into consideration that whatever this news is, it is worth both Team Sonic and Sega to host a separate event to reveal it ultimately. As for now, the plausible predictions can only be tried as conjecture until the event arrives next month?

What would you hope Team Sonic has in mind to reveal in April?

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