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Team Sonic Teases New Sonic The Hedgehog Title, Slated For 2022 Release Window

Posted on May 27, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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Hopping in the time machine back to E3 2019, that is when the first details on the next Sonic the Hedgehog title was presented. While it does not directly disclose what exactly the game will be or how developer Team Sonic is presenting the next major entry, it is certain the title is projected to ship in 2021. “The next big year for Sonic is 2021. That’s the 30-year anniversary for Sonic,” Takashi Iizuka, Team Sonic head told Game Informer then.

Additionally, there were details suggesting an announcement to take place soon. In that, Sega Sega executive vice-president of game content and services Shuji Utsumi went on to hint at a reveal sometime soon during the publisher’s recent earnings call. That then followed by the announcement this week for the Sonic Central showcase, it is certain the official reveal would be present somewhere during the presentation.

To end the first installment of Sonic Central, Sega Global Chief Brand Officer for Sonic the Hedgehog Ivo Gerscovich alongside Iizuka offered the first official glimpse at the game. You can watch the cinematic teaser from a segment of the showcase in the video below:

For certain, there is certainly not much to collect from the presentation, but one thing for certain is that this year’s Sonic the Hedgehog game has been delayed to 2022. As for speculation regarding the newest project, it appears perhaps there will be another bridging between Classic Sonic & Modern Sonic as seen from the one running in the clip before being pixelized.

Elsewhere during the showcase, Team Sonic also went on to officially unveil Sonic Colors: Ultimate. Atop of the announcement, there is also a two-part animated cartoon also connected to the game. Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you excited that the first showing for the next Sonic the Hedgehog game is out?

The unnamed Sonic the Hedgehog game is listed for 2022 with no provided platforms.

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