Tearaway Unfolded release date announced for PS4

Posted on June 14, 2015 by Daniel Brennan

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Sony has confirmed the release date for their HD remake of the PlayStation Vita game Tearaway Unfolded, First released back in 2013 on the Vita .

The latest  game by Media Molecule, (makers of Little Big Planet) is set to get a second chance on the PS4 on September 8th in the US and 9th in the EU for the low price tag of $40 on the Playstation store. Along with some pre-order extras such as the pop-up pack and the messenger edition , which have decorations from other Sony games such as The last of us, Killzone, Infamous and some others, you will be able to put them on your messenger in the game. There will also be a special edition of Tearaway Unfolded , sold at selected retailers which will have a lot more bonus content and a plushie.


Source: PlayStation 

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