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Teardown For Nintendo Switch OLED Model Uncovers HDMI 2.0 Support In New Dock Entailing 4k/HDR Support For Future Hardware

On behalf of the Nintendo Switch, the 2017-released handheld continues to outperform any handheld in increasingly surprising numbers. Even more, the hybrid also leaves legacy hardware in the dust that are considered cult releases. Recently, the Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 were both ousted by the Nintendo Switch as the hardware now shipped over 89 million units.

As you can expect, Nintendo is likely preparing more iterations of the hardware to sell more units or re-up on its devoted playerbase as the clock on the generation continues to turn. So far, the Nintendo Switch Lite & Nintendo Switch OLED Model is what the firm followed-up with. Leading forward, reports suggest a 4K model is in development, but, Nintendo has denied sending SDKs of the alleged version.

However, in a new finding from Nintendo Prime on YouTube, the users has uncovered a new eye-opening discovery from the new dock for the Nintendo Switch OLED Model. In that, the accessory features a new HDMI port which is compatible with HDMI 2.0 – an output that supports 4K resolution, 60 refresh rate, and HDR. You can watch the teardown video below:

In the video, the user expands on the capabilities of the original Nintendo Switch to the new discovery. From that, the base dock offered HDMI 1.4 alike the Nintendo Wii U which could in theory offer 4K resolution, but be bottlenecked at 30 frames per second. That is due to limitations in the bandwidth from the cable alongside the internal hardware.

Namely, the Tegra processor. However, this possibility is also expanded now with the new dock featuring a port for HDMI 2.0. But alike the initial concern, the components for the Nintendo Switch to the Nintendo Switch OLED Model are virtually indifferent; so higher resolution/refresh rate is not directly achievable. But, the finding does implicate that Nintendo is preparing for something more later on perhaps.

What are your thoughts on the new finding from the Nintendo Switch OLED Model dock?

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