Techland Clarifies Dying Light 2 Is Not In Development Hell, Rather Announced Well In Advance

Posted on March 15, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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For many zombie apocalypse video game fans, there is a pattern in which franchises never get an update on the wait for new entries. Looking at Dead Island 2, the developer for the sequel has swapped twice now and publisher Deep Silver continues to insist that the project is still well underway. But more than five years later, still no word on when that will arrive.

Then for Left 4 Dead, it was more than a decade until developer Turtle Rock Studios pressed on a sequel. But without Valve at the helm, the game studio went on to work on a successor over at Warner Bros. Interactive. Dubbed “Back 4 Blood”, the new experience is officially arriving later in June as a cross-generation release.

Lastly, Dying Light 2: the game since its announcement in mid 2019 has not yet pressed on when the game is officially arriving. Especially since the title was met with an indefinite delay, there is no telling when it will arrive. And while claims insert the project is in development hell, Techland claims it was announced well in advance.

The response from the Polish game studio comes from one fan that insists that game is take too long to arrive. Understandably, a title taking this long would easily be tossed into the ‘development hell’ category. But, the team is urgent to denounce the status of the game and further disclose that development is progressing smoothly.

As for how the topic spruced, Techland recently announced an update for Dying light 2 is underway later this week. However, one report around the same time notably references mismanagement within the team and claims familial interest within the company is the source for majority of the problems at Techland. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you relieved by Techland’s statement?

Dying Light 2 is listed for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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