Telltale Games’ Wolf Among Us 2 Update Shares The Game Will Release In Its Entirety

Posted on December 12, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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While this year’s The Game Awards revealed to be vacant of developer Telltale Games, the game studio made an announcement predating the show going live this past Thursday. Instead of the firm sharing news through an announcement trailer or a press release, the developer instead used its platform on Twitter to tell new information on the upcoming and anticipated The Wolf Among Us 2.

The game which was originally announced at 2019’s The Game Awards came to take many fans by surprise following the uncertain closing of the studio just months prior to that. But even more than a year after that initial reveal, there are no details on the new title. However, thanks to the new letterhead made, The Wolf Among Us 2 is now said to arrive as a full game rather than its traditional episodic format.

Well, it is presumed that the game will still be structured in the form of episodes, but all will be available at launch for the game – whenever that arrives to console marketplaces and online storefronts.

“We look forward to telling you more when the time Is right,” Telltale Games writes. “What we can say is that we are developing the entire season at once and there is more to do before we’re ready to share what’s next for the Fabletown gang. It’s just not time yet. As for questions about other Telltale titles, some games reverted back to the IP owners and their fate Is not currently in our hands.

“For now, think of us as fans—just like you! We are a team dedicated to the Telltale legacy for narrative games, here to celebrate the classics with an eye on what’s to come. And trust us, when the time is right, we’re going to have a LOT to talk about.” So for now, fans hat waited for close to a decade for the sequel will not continue waiting for pieces of the follow-up.

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