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Telltale’s Titles Currently Being Removed From Steam

It seems that the California-based studio Telltale Games has made their first step into bankruptcy as some of their titles have been removed from Steam recently. Following the list of events that happened after the mass layoffs of employees for the developer, this is the first sign of liquidation for the beloved studio.

According to GamesDaily that spoke with Talltale, both Back to the Future and Tales of Monkey Island have been removed from Steam’s store page. It was also mentioned that the closing studio hired Sherwood Partners to assist in selling all assets of the company which includes equipment/furniture to properties and software.

It’s also worth noting from the game industry outlet that Telltale will drop health coverage for those affected from the layoffs which will go into affect starting on November 30 that a former employee has stated. As we are already aware that those previously laid off didn’t receive severance, this isn’t the biggest surprise coming from the closed company.

For the games that are currently unavailable on Steam, other titles like The Walking Dead & The Wolf Among Us is still able to be purchased on Steam. Console markets that hold the same titles as of yet have not been affect by this, but it’s assumed that the time for that is on the horizon.

Source: GameDaily

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