Tencent Holdings Unveils Minor Stake Acquisition In DayZ Developer Bohemia Interactive

Posted on February 12, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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After roughly a decade of development, game studio Bohemia Interactive has properly established its home-grown project DayZ on PC as well as console. However, despite the progression for the entire operation, the Bratislava studio responsible for the game’s development was announced to shutdown. The closing of the developer is told to commence later this March.

Thankfully, however, the development for DayZ will continue elsewhere as the game is said to continue onward. But with a recorded 40 employees said to be affected by the decision of the studio’s closing, it leaves the developer in a curious spot as to where it stands financially. But now, that does not look to be of any concern this week.

In that, Chinese firm Tencent Holdings announced to be acquiring a minor stake in Bohemia Interactive.

We are pleased to deepen our relationship with Tencent, one of the most significant internet companies in the world. We look forward to working on our current and future generations of games with the support of a strong partner that has known us for many years and understands our unique approach to online games.

Marke Spanel, Bohemia Interactive CEO

The move by Tencent is no surprise as of recent reportings as the same Chinese firm has also pursued a minor stake for French game developer, Dontnod Entertainment. While the agreement with Dontnod Entertainment looks to establish an independent swing for the studio, the same is also suggested for Bohemia Interactive.

Tencent Holdings does not share its ambitions for the decision to buy up a minority of Bohemia Interactive on the record. But, it is suggested that what might influence the decision is based on the DayZ studio currently working on an upcoming Chinese market project, Ylands.

How do you respond to the minor acquisition dealt by Tencent Holdings?

Source: Bohemia Interactive

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