Tencent Officially Acquires Back 4 Blood Team Turtle Rock Studios

Posted on December 17, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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While many view the western hemisphere or Japan to be leading vessels for the video game industry, China is easily making large waves within the video game industry these past few years. Enough where it is even outright acquiring Japanese developers like with Grasshopper Manufacture previously as its now a subsidiary of Chinese firm NetEase.

Additionally, Tencent is one if not the largest player within entertainment originating from that region. Just recently, the firm announced to be acquiring Sumo Group, the parent company of Sumo Digital for more than $1 billion. The acquiring includes several global teams under the Sumo label. But, Tencent purchases continue this week as well.

In a new press release, Tencent shares it will be acquiring Turtle Rock Studios – the team responsible for October’s Back 4 Blood. More specifically, Slamfire which is in possession of Turtle Rock Studios is the buy made by Tencent.

We are all looking forward to joining the Tencent family of studios. Tencent’s outstanding partners, global reach, deep knowledge of gaming and unprecedented support will help us create the kinds of ambitious games we dream of, while allowing us to retain our autonomy and independent spirit.

Steve Goldstein, Turtle Rock Studios President & General Manager

Tencent Games Global chief strategy officer Eddie Chan said, “We are huge fans of Turtle Rock’s games, especially their amazing approach to creating co-operative online games.” Adding, “We can’t wait to see what comes next, and we’re excited to be part of their future.” In a separate statement from Turtle Rock Studios, the team reassured Back 4 Blood is to remain (likely under Warner Bros. Games) and is pursuing a new AAA IP with its new ownership.

“2022 and beyond will take us to new heights. We are growing our team to support Back 4 Blood and develop new exciting multiplayer experiences. We will continue to transparently communicate with you all, provide updates on all our progress through our Trello board and expand upon what makes Back 4 Blood so special. Additionally, we get to do something we have never done before as a studio: turn a universe we created into a true long-standing AAA franchise. We can now ensure that the Back 4 Blood franchise is here to stay and we will be working on it well into the future.”

Are you excited for the future of Turtle Rock Studios following this acquisition?

Source: Tencent, Turtle Rock Studios

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