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The Calm Before The Storm – What To Expect At Microsoft’s Windows 10 Media Briefing Tomorrow

Posted on January 20, 2015 by Alan Walsh

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After months of waiting since September’s Windows 10 Announcement at an Enterprise focused event, the time is almost upon us for Microsoft to detail the consumer story of Windows 10. In case you’ve been under a rock, Microsoft will stream it’s Windows 10 Media Briefing starting at 9AM PST, 12PM EST and 5PM GMT. There might be further announcements that evening that may not be streamed but we will keep you updated. We also know Satya Nadella, Phil Spencer, Joe Belfiore and Terry Myerson will be the key speakers of the event.

It’s come to that time to join the dots together and note what you can expect to see at the event tomorrow. Don’t forget we’ll be live tweeting the event (@RectifyGaming and @BeetleComet) plus we’ll have plenty of articles to keep you updated. Now then, let’s have a look.

Windows on the Desktop: While Microsoft have announced features like the Start Menu and Virtual Desktops for Windows 10, we’re also expecting to see a dark theme (similar to Windows Phone) to be used on the Desktop, especially on the taskbar. The taskbar will also have a new search area/bar stating “Search Windows and the Web” which is of course as we know, Cortana on Windows. She will be act almost identical to her Windows Phone counterpart with speech recognition and will sync across devices. There’s also other a good chance of us seeing other Desktop-related features tomorrow.

Windows for Phones and Tablets: With the confusion caused by Windows RT back in 2012, Microsoft is hoping they can make it easier and simpler for consumers to understand Windows on ARM processors. It’s anticipated that Microsoft will indeed combine the phone and tablets SKU’s for Windows into one Windows Mobile SKU. (I hope it’s not called Windows Mobile though). We presume Microsoft will show us what to expect with Windows Phone and Windows on tablets in terms of interface and unique features. The first Windows 10 Mobile preview isn’t expected until February and further details about its Windows 10 mobile Details will probably be discussed at Mobile World Congress in March in Barcelona.

Gemini Office Apps: Gemini is the code-name used to describe the waves of touch-first Office Apps on iOS, Android and Windows. We’re now approaching the final wave which is indeed, Windows. These Apps are expected to run across all Windows phones and tablets (probably desktops too) and are reliant on touch. It’s expected to be a Universal App with a common Windows core.

OneCore: This might be the most important thing Microsoft wants you to notice tomorrow. OneCore is the single common core that Windows 10 is built on for a huge variety of devices such as phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, Perceptive Pixel devices and of course, the Xbox One entertainment system, Microsoft’s gaming console. OneCore should mean to developers that they can target the same core environment for their Apps and those Universal Apps will work across a variety of devices with different screen sizes.

OneStore: It’s expected that Microsoft will no longer have separate stores for its Apps on Windows platforms, instead, it’s expected that Microsoft will consolidate the Windows Store, Windows Phone Store and Xbox Stores (Gaming, Video and Music) into one single store which I guess could be called OneStore? Perfect.

Spartan: Microsoft are also expected to announce their new consumer web browser for Windows phones, tablets, desktops and Xbox One tomorrow known as “Spartan”. This browser is expected to have OneNote annotation, Reading Mode (like from Modern IE11) and Chrome-like extensions along with Cortana integration and other features. This is not replacing Internet Explorer which will stay at IE11 for Desktop devices. My supposition is that we’ll see Spartan tomorrow and a preview in the next Windows 10 Technical Preview build and Windows 10 for Mobile build.

Project B: Earlier this month, I wrote an article about Project B, Microsoft’s rumoured gaming-helmet VR accessory for the Xbox One and why I think it’s going to be announced in 2015. It’s expected that Microsoft might indeed announce this helmet tomorrow, giving them plenty of months to take feedback before a more in-depth game-related reveal at E3. The Windows 10 OS Upgrade for Xbox One will quite possibly open up the console to the helmet. This one however, may be the least likely announcement but seems very possible.

Windows 10 Technical Preview for Consumers: I would expect Windows Insiders to get hold of the newest preview build of Windows 10 desktops anytime in the near future and possibly tomorrow. Microsoft should also give us an official timeframe on the Windows 10 for Mobile Preview as we know it’s coming, based on the recent Windows 10 Insiders App for Windows Phone, that allows users to download Windows 10 builds to their phone. As for Xbox One? It’s nearly impossible to say at this stage but tomorrow, we might get some kind of indication.

Pricing, Release Date: Windows 10 is expected to ship towards the end of the year, around September and RTM in the months before. It’s possible for the OS to be free to certain users (like those on Windows 8, possibly also Windows 7) as we do know, the OS doesn’t make the profit, it’s the attach services that are required to do this. Will they announce the official price tomorrow? Maybe, however they might not finalize this internally until closer to launch.

Don’t forget, we’ll be covering all the Windows 10 news tomorrow here on Rectify Gaming, starting with our live tweet coverage so be sure to stay tuned! #TheNextChapter

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