The Coalition Working On New IP According To LinkedIn

Posted on July 19, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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While the Gears of War series just witnessed the back-to-back release of Gears 5 followed by Gears Tactics, the series is not entirely done yet. Although developer The Coalition shipped Gears 5: Hivebusters later on in late 2020, the team is certainly preparing to further expand the IP. Already, the team is asking for candidates to “forge the future” of the franchise.

However, awaiting new announcements is still a while away. In that, the team announced to be adopting Unreal Engine 5. While exciting, the team does go on to explain it will not be addressing new projects specifically for quite some time. However, there will be a presentation this month. In fact, the team plans to showcase an Unreal Engine 5 project, codenamed Alpha Point.

But in a discovery from @klobrille on Twitter, the Canadian team is busy with a new IP. From LinkedIn, Multiplayer Level Designer Pedro Camacho D’Andrea is as a “level designer on a new IP. Howbeit, D’Andrea removed the listing for his work at The Coalition, but can be viewed below:

Most interesting is how involved the employee is with Xbox Game Studios. Prior to him being hired for The Coalition, D’Andrea worked for a third-party firm SkyBox Labs. During that timeframe, he was a Campaign Level Designer on Halo Infinite. This instance further supports the previous report of The Coalition assisting development for Halo Infinite.

Currently, it is unsure what the direction of the new IP will land or how it will impact The Coalition internally. Moreover, it is also unclear when the team plans to reveal said unnamed IP as well. For certain, there is still plenty of room for the new project to rethink its plans and be entirely different from the initial scope for it.

What are you most interested to see from The Coalition outside of Gears of War?

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