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The Crew Motorfest Is The Series Most Successful Release, Ubisoft Reveals

Posted on September 22, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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This holiday for Ubisoft officially kicked off with the release for The Crew Motorsport. The original announcement came as a surprise as an arcade racer set in Hawaii would come rather than a third mainline installment. And even more were baffled that the title would be set to release later this autumn ahead of the mass launch of AAA titles.

Already, Ubisoft touts that The Crew Motorfest is the biggest release on behalf of the IP. After the launch of the ambitious The Crew in 2014 followed by its sequel in 2018, The Crew Motorfest is the most popular release. Many would contend that it is the multiplatform answer to Forza Horizon.

We are thrilled by the enthusiastic response which has broken all franchise records, and we want to thank our community for their incredible support. Launch is only the beginning: we have planned regular updates with new themes and experiences, and very strong post-launch support with a mix of free and paid content, for a long time to come.

Ahmed Boukhelifa, Ubisoft Ivory Tower Managing Director

“The Crew Motorfest has been received positively by critics and players alike, delivering on its promise of breathtaking Hawaiian scenery and graphic fidelity, improved vehicle handling and an ode to car culture through the Playlist system. The Crew 2 community have already embraced the new opus and have taken advantage of the ‘Collection Import’ feature, with more than 42 million vehicles imported from The Crew 2 to The Crew Motorfest,” the press release reveals.

Looking ahead, the release lineup only thickens with Assassin’s Creed Mirage set to launch next month in October. The same can also be said for Just Dance 2024 that same month. Then in November, Ubisoft welcomes Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora in December.

What has you most excited from Ubisoft this holiday?

Source: Ubisoft

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