The Evil Within Director Shinji Mikami Tells He’d Direct One Last Game If He Is In Full Control Of The Project

Posted on December 23, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Although many of the current Resident Evil fans are satisfied with the latest Resident Evil 7 and the duo of remakes that arrived in the past two years, many still reflect on what might be the most definitive entry in the entirety of the franchise – Resident Evil 4. Director Shinji Mikami is recognized for his role leading the development for the game and is pitted to be an icon for direction of horror video games.

And the same potential saw with the 2005 title is also noted with the release of The Evil Within when it shipped in 2014. Again, Mikami helmed the direction for the horror survival title with one exception – it would be the last project he directs. However, it is learned now that The Evil Within actually strands from a separate project that was in the works that later evolved into the recognized Bethesda series.

When speaking with Variety, Mikami tells that prior to the laying the foundation for The Evil Within, Tango Gameworks initially worked on a project codenamed ‘Noah’. Howbeit, the vision on the game changed dramatically which resulted with The Evil Within. But, if Bethesda welcomes the idea to make the true envision for the project, Mikami would be on board to direct.

My thinking is that if I had a chance to make a game from the beginning to end that’s completely my vision, then definitely, that would be my big last project as a director. It would probably be more fitting as that ‘last game I direct’ kind of thing.

Mikami does disclose that if he got his way into creating the game as he had vision, it would certainly be the last he directs. So for now, Mikami is retired from the director’s seat. But if Bethesda answers to Mikami’s request, we could witness his return to the role one more time for a successor more true to his capabilities than what The Evil Within delivered.

For now, Tango Gameworks is finishing up on its coming release, GhostWire: Tokyo. The game is currently a PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5 timed exclusive projected to release sometime in 2021. You can read more about the game by heading here.

Would you play project Noah if Mikami gets the green light to direct?

Source: Variety

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