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The Game Awards 2019: Apex Legends Gets Christmas-Themed Holo-Day Bash Event

Another day, another Apex Legends event has arrived to the Outlands. During this year’s annual Game Awards ceremony, Mirage took the stage in an abrupt timing to reveal that the Mirage Voyage has landed in World’s Edge bringing a new decorative look to the second map of the game for the coming holiday season.

Interesting a new capture-based mode dressed for the occasion, Winter Express has three different teams fight for the festive-painted locomotive that runs through the map. Rather than looting your way to victory, players will already be equipped with a pre-selected loadout and must fight their way to being the last group to conquer the train. However, this mode will be the first round-based game type coming to the game, so this will have some back-and-forth action to it.

Alike previous events as well, players will have a set of exclusive event challenges that must be completes in efforts to unlock a slew of decorative cosmetics for your respected Legend and weapons. Talking about new looks, when travelling you will discover Mirage’s party hoverboat in World’s Edge, upon walking aboard, Respawn shares that players will “experience a side of Mirage you never knew.”

One niché piece of information that I feel you may like to find out regarding the conversation that happened between Mirage and Game Awards host Geoff Keighley: while shows typically will have a few moments that might seem unnecessary as the conversation between the two was one, it was how they did it that makes it more interesting. Voice actor for the character, Roger Craig Smith, actually acted as his Apex persona live during the show in a motion capture suit in the same building, which he revealed on Twitter shortly after the skit.

Are you planning on dropping into Apex Legends for this limited time event?

Apex Legends is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Respawn Entertainment

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