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The Game Awards 2019: Bravely Default II Gets 2020 Release Date For Nintendo Switch

Earlier this week, Nintendo suggested that fans of the platform should tune in for this year’s Game Awards show as it was expected that the video game company would have a big announcement for those currently wielding a Nintendo Switch. And it looks that the company has delivered on that implication with the latest announcement in collaboration with Square Enix.

Revealing that the official second installment of Bravely Default will be arriving to Nintendo Switch sometime next year. You can watch the full trailer below:

Developer Team Asano, the studio behind the original 2012 title for the Nintendo DS and the more recent Octopath Traveler, have returned to bring Bravely Default II to life. Even more exciting new, Nintendo announced subsequently that original composer for the first game’s soundtrack Revo, will be returning to create the OST for next year’s sequel.

“Travel the world in search of the four Crystals with the latest incarnation of the brave band known as the Heroes of Light,” the page on Nintendo’s website reads. “New world filled with new characters, but with the atmosphere and excitement the Bravely series is known for.

Granted, that a Bravely Default follow-up is not exactly what many fans might have anticipated initially from the chatter online, this announcement is surely one that will give initiative to own a Switch entering the new decade. Do you think you’ll be picking up Bravely Default II next year?

Bravely Default II will be coming to Nintendo Switch sometime in 2020.

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