The Game Awards 2019: League Of Legends Action Platformer Conv/ergence: A League Of Legends Story Revealed

Posted on December 13, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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This year’s Game Awards ceremony was already subjected to one Riot Forge title which was announced earlier during the show, but the new publisher already has another title ready for the world to see. Announcing Conv/ergence: A League of Legends Story, players will experience the same universe as the notorious titular MOBA, but this time through an action platformer.

In partnership with Double Stallion Games, this new project will bring players to the urban world of Zahn, where you will play as the protagonist inventor, Ekko. With a twist though, you will have the ability to alter time around you thanks to his hand-crafted Z-Drive as more opportunity opens with virtually all the time in the world.

Here is the brief teaser trailer for the new title, you can watch it below:

Learning more of the back story for the project, it was revealed that Double Stallion actually theorized about making a game playing Ekko ahead of the proposal for Conv/ergence. “Double Stallion always wanted to make a game featuring Ekko, and we know how much our players love this champion. He has lots of cool combat and time-related mechanics that work well in an action platformer. There are also many storytelling opportunities with Ekko due to the relationship between Zaun and Piltover and the breadth of champions that live in those regions.”

Looking at the trailer alone will show that Double Stallion will have a heavy dose of their DNA in this project through the hand-drawn visuals and more so with how the game will develop gameplay wise later down the line. Seeing the team’s resumé with titles like O.K. K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo and the more recent Speed Brawl, a lot of potential is on the table when mixing the universe of Runeterra and visual direction from the Canadian developer.

What are you looking forward to most about Conv/ergence?

Conv/ergence: A League of Legends Story will be coming to consoles and PC, but no release date is provided at the time.

Source: Riot Forge

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