The Game Awards 2019: Telltale Games Teased The Wolf Among Us 2 Returning

Posted on December 13, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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Last year hit the industry hard with the realization that Telltale Games would cease to be since the studio’s closure back in October. And while the licensing for the Walking Dead portion of their episodic catalogue lived on with Skybound Games to conclude The Final Season, the remainders of the intellectual properties made by the developer would sit to rot.

That was until this past August it was announced that nearly a year since Telltale closed its doors, the studio would be resurrected by LCG Entertainment. Promising as it may sound, the company also revealed to work towards preserving some of the most fundamental installments developed by Telltale. While projects like Game of Thrones and Stranger Things will not see the light of day as we move to the next console generation, there is one that fans have desperately waited for.

Announced at this Thursday’s Game Awards, a teaser trailer was presented for the Wolf Among Us 2 returning to development. You can watch the brief video below:

A little more context to the story, Wolf Among Us 2 was initially announced dating back to 2017 with the development well on its way, or that is what we think at least. When in reality, it wasn’t until following the closure of Telltale Games that the a held up sequel to the well-respected title was just a fable alike in the game. Discovering from a former Telltale employee that the project had a “shoestring” budget and would only be comprised of only three episodes. Even more, the game would not properly bridge the original game and take off with a new adventure for the series.

But watching this new Wolf Among Us 2, the game does already show to be grasping at Bigby and his overbearing temptations from turning into the Big Wolf: Snow White personally asking him to do so once “again” in the trailer. Which transparently references to the events that took place in the first title.

Are you excited to see what is in-store for this new Wolf Among Us 2?

Wolf Among Us 2 does not have any listed platforms or a scheduled release date.

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