The Game Awards 2020: Ghost n’ Goblins Resurrection Returns The Classic Game With A Nintendo Switch Release

Posted on December 12, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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In an surprising announcement from Capcom, the Japanese publisher announced at the annual Game Awards show this Thursday that the classic 1985 medieval platformer Ghosts-n-Goblins is receiving a remake. After more than three decades since the game’s initial release, the title will be returning uniquely to Nintendo Switch next year.

Announcing Ghost n’ Goblins Resurrection, the game is set to release in late February next year and will be running at $29.99 on the Nintendo eShop when it arrives in the latter parts of the approaching winter. You can watch the announcement trailer in the video below:

“Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection sees the return of the gallant knight, Arthur, as he embarks on a brand-new quest to rescue the princess from the devious Demon Realm,” Kellen Haney, Capcom USA Social Media & Community Associate Manager writes. “Plus, dozens of arcade classics make their return with a slew of new features in Capcom Arcade Stadium!

“There are few spots more idyllic than the hilltop looking out over the kingdom. It’s here that the noble princess and her gallant knight, Arthur, enjoy spending time together… but their time together is unexpectedly cut short when malicious monsters appear and take off with the princess! Taken by surprise and only able to watch as the princess is kidnapped to the Demon Realm, the chivalrous Arthur dons his armor and embarks on a quest to rescue the princess and save the day!”

“Arthur will have plenty of options to dispatch his enemies. Multiple familiar weapons make their return, including the classic Lance and the deadly Dagger, with new, unique weapons making their first appearance, including the crushing Hammer and fatal Spiked Ball. Magic returns, too, giving Arthur a variety of spells to unleash on his enemies, including the sizzling Firewall and the crackling Thunderstorm. Knights of all kinds will need to find the right combination of weapon, magic, and skills that works best for them if they wish to survive the perilous journey through the Demon Realm!”

Are you excited for the return of Ghosts- n-Goblins?

Ghost n’ Goblins Resurrection is set to release on February 25, 2020 for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Capcom

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