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The Game Awards 2021: Bokeh Game Studios Reveals Teaser For New Project Slitterhead

Posted on December 10, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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While fans are still hopeful for a new Silent Hill game from Konami, former developer Keiichiro Toyama has went on to open up a new development firm, Bokeh Game Studio. However, what the team will be investing into creatively is suggested to be a new horror IP. From images shared in the studio’s forming, it is evident the Silent Hill DNA is still there with something fresh for thirsty players.

In a later interview from Toyama, he shares he is considering truly invested in bringing the player’s emotions to the forefront with costly events in the new, unnamed project. He adds the inspiration was birthed from comic books. Elsewhere it was also disclosed that the plan for the team is to deliver the first full release by 2023 at the earlier.

And while details are still extremely slim, Bokeh Game Studio made a stop at The Game Awards to showcase its project, Slitterhead, You can watch the reveal trailer in the video below:

In a separate statement from Toyama, he shares, “At The Game Awards, we presented a teaser trailer of ‘Slitterhead’, our first project our team has been working very hard on. Although it’s still too early to reveal any further details on the game. We have expressed our current ideas in this short movie so for now, we hope you can enjoy the teaser and use your imagination on what’s more to come.

Adding, “Though our team is far from being as large as what you call a AAA-scale team, however I think we built a well-balanced team that works with a great sense of unity, while maintaining a perspective of the big picture. So we hope you look forward to our first game. Unfortunately it will take some time until our actual release.

“Until that time, we will be sharing content such as how production is doing, and also introducing our staff members through our social media platforms. So we kindly ask for your patience as we continue working on the game.”

Did you get excited for the Slitterhead reveal at all?

Slitterhead has no scheduled release nor listed platforms at the moment.

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