The Game Awards 2021 Viewership Makes New Milestones In New Report

Posted on December 22, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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Earlier in December, it was not too long ago that the video game industry congregated together for one last major event to conclude 2021 with: The Game Awards. The annual event like clockwork made its schedule and acted upon it on December 9th. More interesting this year is the show would be finally returning to in-person showing after the hit that COVID-19 left on the globe.

Of course, The Game Awards as the title implies went on to showcase its nominees and award the most voted releases as well as incorporating influencers & esports too for the show. Now more than a week since the event, viewership count has been determined for this year and new milestones are made for the event compared to previous years.

On Twitter, the official page for The Game Awards reveals more than 85 million views (livestreams) tuned into the show which sets a new high for the annual awards show.

Additionally, impressions on Twitter alone tallied well over one million alongside record counts in voting exceeding 23 million and 1.75 million hours watched on YouTube exclusively. Not to mention some of the heavy hitters that were revealed then including The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience which launched the same day.

Elsewhere from 2021’s The Game Awards, Remedy Entertainment broke the sound barrier with its newest project, Alan Wake II. After more than 10 years since the original entry shipped on Xbox 360, the next mainline installment is finally on the way to next-gen machines in 2023. Even more, this new project will shift the series from action to survival horror, the firm confirms.

Also from the show includes the first look at Bokeh Game Studios’ Splitterhead. From the team that worked on Silent Hill and Project Siren delivers a new thriller that adds a splendor of Japanese horror to the mix. We also learned the decision from Krafton which is shifting PUBG: Battlegrounds to free-to-play next month. You can read the full report by heading here.

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